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Honourable Scholars,

With blessings of Almighty Allah, Biannual Punjabi Research Journal “Parakh” is completing successful seven years. All efforts to full the international requirements to be continued wit the help of Allah almighty it will eb able to cross the requirements of “Y” category and jumped to “X” category. There are fifteen research papers includes in this Edition of Parakh. All are in Shahmukhi script other than one in is in Gurmukhi script, i.e. from Western Punjab (Indian Punjab). First article of Prof. Zaheer Ahmad Shafique and Shamim Akhtar’s collaborative research, with topic of Modern Punjabi Poetry with Kal and with” it’s a unique effort in the field of modern poem. This paper is presenter of different impacts of word “Kal”. Ahmad Rahi is one of the pioneer modern Punjabi poet. His poetry was modern as well as National Poet. Research Paper “National Poetry of Ahmad Rahi” by Dr. Hina Khan and Dr. Tahira Sarwar’s combine effort in the field of Punjabi research.

Third research paper of Dr. Munir Gujjar is representer of “Qissa Heer Ranjha” i.e. is based on trends of different classical aspects. Dr. AsmaGhulam Rasool and Ilyas tried to search out modern Sufi Poets of Modern era, it’s a new voice of “Malik Muhammad Ayyaz”. Dr. Qamar-un-Nisa and Dr. Samina Batool work on and culture with collaboration of Dr. Bilqees to present the culture. It’s a successful effort. A new style of research introduced in Punjabi literature is “Analysis of “ANT”, Human and Society” critical valuation is new trend of philophycial trends of research. This tend of collaborative research by Hafiz Muhammad Hameed Mushtaq, Dr. Zaheer Hassan Wattoo and Aleh-a-Saleem Nushahi collaboratively.

“Religious thought of “Kramjeet Kor Kashanwal” is the deep analysis by Sehrish Iftikhar and Dr. Soniya Allah Rakha. In 8th research paper “Resistance in Pakistani Punjabi Story” Dr. Fozia Hanif deeply present resistance trends with collaboration of Zahid Hussain and Dr. Zaib-un-Nisa “Exigency and Significance of Bibliographic Index and its Tradition in Punjabi”. Iffaq Ashiq present her research paper with Prof. Saeed Khawar Bhutta titled “Sawan Culture” its deep analysis of Sawan Valley. Eleventh article “Punjabi Sikh Rule to British Rule” is deep studies of Dr. Abid Hussain and Abdul Rehman its wide studies of an ear. “Sarieki Urdu and Persian Poetry of Khuram Bahawalpuri” is a beautiful research paper of Dr. Badar Masood Khan and Dr. Shaista Hameed Khan. The joint struggle of Dr. Iran-ul-Haq and Dr. Ayesha Rehman is reflection of present age. Article is representative of past Punjabi education and presentation of combine effort of Dr. Ayesha and Irfan-ul-Haq.

Last research paper of Shahmukhi portion is “Bibliography "Aslam Rana" At Inpcs” (Ghazal Praggy). Last and Gurmukhi aticle is by Mr. Perminder Singh its deep analysis of Women Portino of the Guru Nanak Dev G. it deep studies and wide analysis. A beautiful bouquet of 16 different types of flowers will be the reason of satisfaction of researchers and critics. Its fragrance provides roadmap to new researches. Allah Almighty spread its fragrance.


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