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Honourable Scholars,

With blessings of Allah almighty “Parakh” Journal for Department of Punjabi LCWU is continuously working ahead with continuity after getting the status of “Y” category research journal from HEC. Traveling towards its milestone journal is maintaining its quality by evaluation of research paper from two experts one national and other international, before the publication of journal. 15 research paper are publishing in the present edition. Every research paper got approved of publication after complete analysis and evaluation, i.e. is an honor for researchers. The first research paper is combine effort of Dr. Hina Khan and Sidra Sozana, titled “Depiction of Village Life in The Stories of Ali Anwar Ahmad” is throw study of Ali Anwar’s stories. Scholars avoid long references and present realities. Dr. Zeb-ul-Nisa Assistant Professor of Punjabi at Allama Iqbal Open University Department of Pakistani Languages. All the time she involved in research and provide different title research paper to research journal. “Behavioural Resistance in Modern Punjabi Poetry” is a unique research for Parakh. Third research paper is from Dr. Irfan-ul-Haq and Dr. Karamat Mughal’s joint effort and the need of hour “The Benefits of Mother Tongue in Education” is a great gift in the field of research from the department of Punjabi, Punjab University Oriental College Lahore. Forth research paper is critics based research is collaborative effort of Dr. Saima Batool, Dr. Maryam Sarfraz and Dr. Soniya Allah Rakha. This contribution is from the Department of Punjabi, LCWU. Without Heer the discussion of work in Punjabi literature, can’t provide its cultural taste. “Depiction of Present Life Style in Heer Waris Shah” by renewed name of Sikh Community in Pakistan Dr. Klyan Singh Klyan, Mr. Chand Shakeel and Ms. Satwant Kaur’s combine studies. The relationship of Punjab land and story is so old as initial time of life in Punjab.

To give it honor Ms. Nida Hassan and Dr. Fayyaz Maghyana honored the story writer “Dr. Mohsin Maghyana as Story Writer”. Ph.D Scholar Mr. Inam-ur-Rehman Safdar present research paper under the supervision of his Ph.D supervisor Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Shafique a positive research title “Arif Abdul Mateen as Punjabi Ghazal Poet”. Dr. Yusra Sikandar, Assistant Professor Punjabi Govt. Post Graduate College Samanabad present the demand of mother language as “Demands of Punjabi Language from Punjabians” her research paper is an excellent creation of the combination of research and critics. “Mahiya and Halku” is a small combine effort of Dr. Shabnam Ishaq, Dr. Zaheer Wattoo and dr. Munir Gujjar. Its representator of Punjab and Japan. Society based on moral values. If moral values died then humanity demolished. “Ethical Values in Punjabi Folklores” is the second research paper of Mr. Rizwan Awan with his Ph.D supervisor Prof. Dr. Nabeela Rehman. Dr. Karamat Mughal and Dr. Irfan-ul-Haq’s combine study as “Punjabi Fiction of 2021... A Critical and Analytical Study” is analysis based critics a comparative study of Punjabi literature during 2021. Mr. Abid Hussain present his research paper “Trends of Punjabi Song Writing and Masood Chaudhry” at last stair of his Ph.D with collaboration of his honourable supervisor Prof. Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Shafique its his second gift for Parakh during his Ph.D, i.e. a deep study of Punjabi folk songs writing.

Thirteen research paper is one more effort of Ph.D Scholar Maria Tahir with collaboration and supervision of her honorable sesearch supervisor Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Shafique titled “Effects of Modernization on Novels of Frzand Ali” a huge step in area of Novel research. Fourteen research paper is joint struggle of Ms. Zubaid Iqbal and Dr. Zaib-ul-Nisa is unique and history, geography based research “Shade of Siachen”. Last but not least fifteenth research Paper is by Dr. Muhammad Ijaz, Deputy Chief Library (Retd.) Department of Punjabi Oriental College, Punjab University Lahore is a great effort to arrange bibliography of Dr. Aslam Rana’s library corner. Hopefully he will present ______ too Parakh till further edition.

Parakh start from 7 to 8 research papers in 2016 and now in 7 years reached till 15 research papers. Traveling is to be continued flower to bouquet and from bouquet towards tree. Hopefully its dense shadow will provide coolness in sun burning that will be the reason of relax and care for research scholars.


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